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Migration Policy Practice (Vol. X, Number 1, January–March 2020) Special Issue on Data, Human Mobility and the Environment – MECC & DTM

Migration Policy Practive VolX

This special issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on the linkages between migration, the environment and climate change. Although numerous papers and reports have been written about this subject in recent years, it is widely agreed that there is a lack of data on this subject. Estimates suggesting that between 200 million and 1 billion people could be displaced by climate change during the next 30 years have captured the attention of policymakers and the media. Yet, as the authors of this special issue point out, such figures are often based on little more than guesswork.

In particular, this special issue addresses two broad sets of questions: (a) What kinds of data are needed on migration, the environment and climate change? (b) How can the collection and analysis of data on migration, the environment and climate change be improved?

Table of contents: 

  • Migration, the environment and climate change:What data do we need and how do we get it? by Solon Ardittis and Frank Laczko
  • Human mobility and the environment: Challenges for data collection and policymaking by Debora Gonzalez Tejero, Lorenzo Guadagno, Alessandro Nicoletti
  • State of the art: Impacts of environmental and climate change on human mobility by Susanne Melde and Alex Flavell
  • Data for a difficult subject: Climate change and human migration by Kira Vinke and Roman Hoffmann
  • Internal displacement data gaps and challenges: Why they matter for policy and operations by Justin Ginnetti
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