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Rapid Assessment of the existing data collection structures in the field of migration in Latin America and some countries of the Caribbean

This report presents a diagnosis of the status quo regarding the production of migration data in the region. The report describes the political and legal framework within which international migration statistics are generated, as well as the entities in charge of producing them, their main organizational and data production modalities and the criteria applied and disseminated to evaluate the quality of the statistical information produced.

For each subregion, the report analyses the regional context; the migration political and legal framework of the national contexts in each subregion; the public entities in charge of managing migration data and the sources for data generated by them in each country; the sources for available information on migrations and methodological-conceptual aspects; information sharing between the governmental entities responsible for producing international migration information; the results of the national production of international migration statistics; and an evaluation of the quality of the available migration information.



International Organization for Migration (IOM)

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