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5-Years of the Migration Data Portal

Time flies! We are celebrating five years of the Global Migration Data Portal. With migration data being scattered between various institutions and countries, the Portal was set up on 15 December 2017 as a unique one-stop-shop of global migration data and information with comprehensive 360° views.

Watch some of the remarks from our colleagues, partners and friends of the Migration Data Portal.

Ugochi Daniels| DDG Operations IOM

"We live in a globally mobile world. Migration and mobility are key to modern economies, prosperous societies and individual well-being. But there are also mass displacements, treacherous journeys undertaken, and ungrounded, fear-based rhetoric. More than ever, we need data and analysist that informs fact-based narratives and shapes evidence-based policies.

In all migration contexts, data and evidence help us improve our assistance to people on the move - to understand the livelihood needs of displaced people in Ukraine, the effects of climate change in the Horn of Africa, or the contributions of migrants to their communities worldwide.

Against this backdrop, the Migration Data Portal emerged as a unique tool that collates and curates migration data from over 25 key partners, making it available in a single platform for easy access, comparison and analysis. In a significant milestone, the Global Compact for Migration recognized, in its first objective, the value of the Portal’s contribution to global migration data.

For the past five-years, policy-makers, practitioners, academics and the media alike have gained 360-degree insights on the major issues of migration today, drawing from the Portal’s 120 indicators as well as guest contributions and analysis. Last year alone, the Portal registered over 1.9 million unique page views, with an average of 80,000 monthly users so far this year, making it one of the most sought-after resources on migration data worldwide.  

On this fifth anniversary I wish to congratulate the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre for this endeavor and to thank all our donors and collaborators for their ongoing and constant support.

As the Portal gears towards the future, I hope it will become the most comprehensive entry point to international migration data. This will require having real-time and forecasting data from traditional and non-traditional sources; leveraging new technologies to promote data sharing in line with the UN Data Strategy; and creating a space for dynamic interactions with its audiences.

I am excited to see what comes next. Happy 5th anniversary to the Global Migration Data Portal."

Marina Manke | Chief GMDAC 


Odile Inauen | Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland


Muhammad Rizki | IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix


Frank Laczko | Former Director of GMDAC

Susanne Melde | IOM RO South America

Sabelo Mbokazi | African Union

Prof. Michaela Kreyenfeld | Hertie School

Diego Iturralde | Statistic South Africa

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