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A Region on the Move: 2018 Mobility Overview in the Horn of Africa and the Arab Peninsula

A Region on the Move

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the main population movement trends that affected the East and Horn of Africa in 2018.  The region continues to exhibit high mobility patterns, both internally within countries and across national boundaries. Migration is triggered by a complex mix of protracted crises, emerging internal conflicts, socio-economic drivers, emerging health crises and more traditional seasonal and livelihood factors. The population trends in the region are mixed in nature, multi-directional, and intra- and extra-regional in scope, thus requiring a multi-layered set of tools to investigate them. 

The analysis builds on multiple data sources, most of them directly managed and collected by IOM, with external sources used to further complement the mobility picture and provide a holistic understanding of such population movement dynamics. The IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) constitutes the main methodology used to track and monitor displacement and population mobility, as it maps migration flows and the characteristics of the population on the move. IOM collects further migrant data through modules targeting specific sub-groups of this population at different stages of their migration journey. At the regional level, a Regional Data Hub was established to enhance coordination, harmonize the different data sources and foster a multi-layered analysis of regional migration data.



International Organization for Migration (IOM)


IOM Regional Office for the East and Horn of Africa

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