Migration Governance Indicators- Ireland

IOM Ireland 20th Anniversary - Migration Governance Indicators (MGI)

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Ireland and the Department of Justice have launched the first Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) profile for Ireland on December 16, 2021.

The MGI profile for Ireland identifies a number of good practice areas, such as ensuring that regular migrants have equal access to health services and education. It has also highlighted areas for further improvement, including the development of policy and strategy to combat hate crimes, violence, xenophobia and discrimination against migrants.

The launch in Ireland marks the 70th report of the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) globally.

The launch coincided with the 20th anniversary of IOM in Ireland and was live streamed from EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum. It also served as an opportunity to announce a new collaboration between Dublin City Council and IOM Ireland to work towards a local MGI report.