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Searching for Missing Migrants in Central and North America: Five Good Practices of Civil Society Organizations

Searching for Missing Migrants in Central and North America

The disappearance of a person in the context of migration has multiple profoundly negative impacts on the family and generates economic, psychological, legal and administrative needs. Given that hardly any official processes are in place to search for missing migrants and that those that exist are not entirely effective or accessible, the support and accompaniment provided by civil society organizations to families during the search process can be extremely helpful.  

Families of missing migrants should have the opportunity to participate significantly in all efforts related to the search for their loved ones. States urgently need to address the needs of families of missing migrants, guaranteeing their right of access to information, justice and reparation.  

This briefing highlights five good practices for the accompaniment of families of missing migrants during their search for their loved ones, developed by civil society organizations in Central and North America, and provides recommendations for all actors involved in supporting families of missing migrants. 


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