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QuantMig Project

The QuantMig Project focuses on advancing the methodology of setting and analysing migration scenarios, and improving migration data and related analytical methods. It is financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.





Project reports

QuantMig outputs include all public deliverables of the project, links to any academic publications produced by the team based on the project work, as well as policy and other briefing papers, which will be successively added as the project progresses.


Data inventory

This inventory includes metadata on various quantitative sources of information on migration that can be used for modelling purposes.


Teaching materials

In the teaching material pack, teachers will find: (1) a 15-page teaching guide to make preparing and teaching the lessons easy and smooth, (2) a 30-page workbook that guides students through the exercises and (3) a set of slides for each lesson that include graphs, key terms, exercises and step-by-step instructions for the math exercises. The teaching materials are modular, meaning that the lessons can be used in sets of one, three or five each time with a different focus, such as on the policy aspect of migration or on the reasons why someone might migrate.



Project reports


QuantMig University of Southampton, UK Population Europe

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