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GFMD Migration Profiles Repository

GFMD Migration Profiles

Migration Profiles are defined as frameworks for aggregating, in a structured and systematic manner, existing data and information on migration and development and other related policy fields.

The GFMD's Migration Profiles Repository was created under the GFMD Platform for Partnerships by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in close cooperation with the European Commission (EC). The Repository provides key information on the Migration Profile (MP) and Extended Migration Profile (EMP) concept and methodology for policymakers, gathers existing country profiles in one central location and provides  useful guidance tool and background information on MPs for governments, international organizations, civil society and other stakeholders interested in developing and implementing MPs.

It is important to note that the different MPs/EMPs collected in this repository differ significantly in terms of format, content and objectives. Extended MPs emphasize the importance of national ownership and sustainability of the MP exercise by holding consultations with a broad range of stakeholders, including civil society.

The Repository aims to promote discussion on the MP approach and a common understanding of the MP concept, highlight good practices and common challenges, avoid overlapping of MP exercises in the same country, encourage the sharing of MP experiences, and enhance collaboration with civil society.

The Repository is structured into three parts:

  1. Concept and Methodology
  2. Migration Profiles Repository
  3. Guidance and Tools



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