Total internally displaced Afghans as of December 2020 


As of the end of 2020, an estimated total of 4.6 million Afghans were living in internal displacement. Among the stock of internally displaced persons (IDPs) globally, Afghanistan hosted the highest number of IDPs due to disasters and the fifth highest number of IDPs due to conflict and violence (IDMC, 2021).  

Of the global IDP population displaced due to disasters, approximately 16 per cent were hosted in Afghanistan and among the IDPs displaced due to conflict and violence, Afghan IDPs accounted for 7 per cent (GMDAC analysis based on IDMC, 2021). 



OCHA’s Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for 2022 estimates that nearly 700,000 Afghans were internally displaced due to conflict in 2021 and approximately 9.2 million Afghans IDPs and returnees have been living in displacement since 2012.

See spotlight on internal displacement in Afghanistan for current operational data.