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The “Space-set Project”: A systematic approach to mapping personal experiences of movements across borders

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The “Space-set Project” provides a systematic approach to mapping personal biographies of migration across borders in France, Italy and Germany, based on survey data. The project seeks to make the spatial migration history of individuals visible and illustrates personal experiences of cross-border movements with maps of the network of spaces visited throughout a person’s lifetime. The goal of this project is to turn it into a tool that can be used for understanding migration dynamics especially in survey research.


The concepts and data generated by this project can shed new light on the effects that personal experiences of travel and different spaces have on peoples’ life courses. They can also be useful for understanding the impact of international mobility on various national and regional developments, such as socio-economic stratification of societies and the political legitimisation of rising parties. Overall, this is an innovative approach to analyse qualitative data to improve the understanding of migration-related phenomena, using peoples’ personal experiences of international migration in a systematic way to draw conclusions relevant for national migration statistics.


(Photo: © Andy Newsam, The Whole Week)

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26 May 2021