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Frank Laczko


Frank Laczko is the Director of IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) in Berlin. He was previously based in Geneva, where he led IOM’s Migration Research Division. He is the co-chair of the Data and Research Group of the Global Migration Group, editor of IOM/Springer Global Migration Issues book series and co-editor of Migration Policy Practice, a journal for migration policymakers and practitioners.

Among the many publications he has led are the World Migration Report 2013, which focused on migrant well-being and development, Fatal Journeys – Tracking Lives Lost During Migration, a report about migrant fatalities globally, and How the World Views Migration, a report about public opinion towards migration around the world; ‘Europe’s Migration ‘Crisis’ – Making sense of the numbers,’ a paper on the challenges around data and information about asylum seekers in Europe to be published in Forced Migration Review.

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