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Eduardo Acostamadiedo

Data Analyst

Eduardo Acostamadiedo works as Data Officer at GMDAC's Data Science and Analytics Unit. His work focuses on migration forecasting and impact evaluation of social cohesion and awareness-raising campaigns for migrants. Within the Horizon2020 project "CrossMigration," Eduardo contributed to the GMDAC report "Assessing Immigration Scenarios for the European Union in 2030 – Relevant, Realistic and Reliable?" In this pilot study, migration experts elicited future immigration flows to the EU in 2030 according to various migration scenarios.

Eduardo worked on peace-building projects at the IOM country mission in Colombia between 2014 and 2016. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Universidad de Los Andes in 2015 and a Master of Arts in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in 2018. Eduardo is a part-time PhD student at the University of Potsdam researching the measurement of intentions to migrate via irregular routes in surveys with list experiments.

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